My First Game

I know a lot of people say that your first game is trash. Your first game is going to suck, and you're not going to get it right.

And they're probably right. But I'm hoping in the trash that is my first game, right behind the styrofoam plate of old Chinese food and sitting gracefully atop a bag of rotten fruit, is a nugget of quality. Quality that says this is worth checking out.

I'm very passionate about this project. I've created all the art and music, as well as most of the programming. I have to give credit to HeartBeast for some of the code being used.

Anyway. No one is going to see this, I bet. But I'm writing it anyway. Thanks for checking this out.

Get Melancholia and the Halloween Curse (Alpha)


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Hey there.  Just wanted to say the game is awesome so far (and yes, ^ I saw this).  I searched for best Halloween Rpgs and eventually came upon this page.  Thanks for taking the time to make this.  I really enjoyed the art and I think the battle system/animations are above and beyond.  Are you still working on developing this?

Hey! Wow thank you so much. :) I genuinely thought no one has ever seen or played this (except my close friends). Your comment means a whole lot! Unfortunately I got busy with graduating college and trying to find a job that I have become very unfamiliar with the code I wrote since it's been almost 2 years. Picking it back up would mean a long while of re-learning what I was doing. That said, it's on my list of projects to complete! It's literally written on a notepad right next to me as I type this. So hopefully I come back to it real soon! Thank you so much for checking it out!!